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Aleppo Christmas Massacre: Apathy Kills

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“Did you hear about women committing suicide in Aleppo to avoid rape?”

“No I didn’t. That’s horrible.”

“Yeah I know. Did you get the report I sent you? Its due today.”

Apathy kills.

I read the news about Aleppo after hearing about the rape avoidance suicides from my boss. Its heartbreaking. I could feel their pain. I cry. Time to be productive though, my report is due and I can’t afford to not get a bonus. There are Christmas gifts to buy.

Apathy kills.

There are claims that there has been at least one incident of children being burned alive. As president Assad’s forces appear to have taken control of Aleppo which has been at the centre of the country’s bloody civil war for the past four years, there are now concerns for up to 100,000 civilians trapped in the city with no way out. But I need to focus, there is a meeting later and I need to finish a PowerPoint presentation.

Apathy kills.

I drive to lunch, order my salad and read some more. Assad’s army are invading homes and slaughtering women and children. People are sending their farewell messages all over twitter and Facebook. “Where is humanity? Why wont the world help us?”. Why won’t we? My salad is ready; I need to eat quick. My report is still not done and I need that bonus.

Apathy kills.

“If the US and the international community continue to prevaricate on action, we could see 100,000 people killed in Aleppo over Christmas.” Said one newspaper. I cry again. It’s the third time just today. Its a real Christmas massacre. But there is nothing I can do really. Taking in refugees is dangerous to our country. I mean, would you take a handful of skittles from a bowl if you knew one could kill kill you? Of course not. Children being rapped and slaughtered in Aleppo is sad but we can’t risk the skittles. But I want to be clear that I am pro life.

Apathy kills.

Assad’s army are moving in the last rebel controlled area of about 2.5 square miles. At this rate the battle for Aleppo should be over by next week. Right before Christmas. Shit, I still have to buy my Christmas dress.

Apathy kills.

The Syrian regime has made it abundantly clear to all that it will take Aleppo at any cost. And we stand and watch as a slaughter unfolds on our screens in real time, while those who complain about everything are silent and those who could help explain why they can’t. My report is almost done.  I need some coffee.

Apathy Kills.

Another article about Syria on my Facebook feed. I cant help but read it. Assad’s army just bombarded a building with 100 children inside. UNICEF is asking for help. My report is finally done. Its 5pm and I need to pick my up my son. I can taste my bonus.

Apathy kills.

Dinner is ready. My kid is bathed and fed and as I put him to bed safely and healthy I cant help but think about the thousands of children trapped in Aleppo who are hungry and cold and bleeding and dying. I cry yet again. I need to get my mind off of it. A cute puppy video. This is better.

Apathy kills.

Syria reports of massacres against children are all over the internet and TV. The whole world is watching. But instead of intervening, France will just turn off the lights of the Eiffel Tower tonight in solidarity with the people of Aleppo. Instead of protesting the silence of our government in the wake of such brutality, we just continue to write cute posts on Facebook. If we look away long enough it will be over and we wont have to put any of our brave men and women in harm’s way, and can look forward to President Trump charging over the hill to pick up what’s left and do one of his great deals with Putin. He is a great businessman and he will put America first. That’s what matters. And Christmas. And all the gifts under the tree. And my bonus of course.

Apathy kills.

Author: Brisa Pinho

Brazilian. Piscean. Project manager. Raising a boy in a man's world... without a man.

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